The Vintage Ink Series

The ‘Vintage Ink Series’ has become one of the focal points of Organics Studio.  These inks are designed to be maintenance-free, with the idea coming from Tyler’s obsession with the Parker Vacumatic.  For those unfamiliar, the Vacumatic is a notoriously difficult pen to clean due to its filling mechanism.  With this in mind, Tyler designed these inks to be safe to be left in pens for months at a time, and simply refilled instead of cleaned.  These inks are all also designed to be safe for precious pen materials, including vintage celluloid.

This series includes a number of inks, including our famous Blue Merle blue/gray, John Hancock black, Blue Crab blue, Oscar’s Copper, Maebel’s Scarlet Orange (new in 2016), Willow’s Green (new in 2016), Barkley’s Teal Blue (new in 2016), and Wedding Bell Blue (new in 2016), made exclusively for Tyler’s wedding in August 2016.