The Masters of Writing Series

The Masters of Writing Series inks attempt to merge a famous writer from previous centuries with a color that brings them to mind.  These inks are more unique hues that we made to fill gaps in the available ink world.  This series paid homage with inks such as Jane Austen Violet, Jules Verne Nautilus Blue, Edgar Allan Poe Raven Red, L. Frank Baum Emerald Green, and many others.  This line also included our renown Sepia Series, which included Foggy Bottom Red Sepia and Join or Die Green Sepia, two inks made to commemorate the DC and Philadelphia Pen show, respectively.

Colors currently available are:

Jane Austen Violet

Jules Verne Nautilus Blue

Edgar Allan Poe Raven Red

Walt Whitman Leaves of Grass Green

Emily Dickinson Posie Pink

L. Frank Baum Emerald (new for July 2016)

and the Sepia Series

Foggy Bottom Yellow/Red Sepia (2012 DC Pen Show)

Join or Die Green Sepia (2013 Philadelphia Pen Show)

Masters of Writing Series
Masters of Writing Series
Sepia Series
Sepia Series