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AnalogExpressions – Foggy Bottom

EdJelley – Arsenic

EdJelley – The Real Teal

EastWestEverywhere – Foggy Bottom Sepia

FPPhysicist – Join or Die

FPPhysicist – Gregor Mendel

Fountain Pen Network – Ink Rambling – Barkley’s Blue Teal

GentlemanStationer – Edgar Allan Poe

GouletPens – Copper Turquoise

GouletPens – Potassium

GouletPens – Collection

GourmetPens – Emily Dickinson

GourmetPens – Mercury

GourmetPens – Uranium

Inkdependence – Arsenic

Inkdependence – Edgar Allan Poe

Inkdependence – Jane Austen

Inkdependence – Jules Verne

KenCrooker – 6 inks!

MacchiatoMan – Nitrogen

MissThundercat – Emily Dickinson

Mountain of Ink – Copper Turquoise

Mountain of Ink – Henry David Thoreau Walden Pond

Office Supply Geek – Walt Whitman Leaves of Grass

PenAddict – Blue Merle

PenChalet – Blue Merle

PenChalet – Edgar Allan Poe Raven Red

PenChalet – Oscar’s Copper

PenPaperPencil – Cobalt

PenPaperPencil – Copper Turquoise

PenPaperPencil – Nickel – Neon, Arsenic, Mercury – Poe, Verne, Austen – Aristotle, Boron, Nickel

SquishyInk – Henry David Thoreau Walden Pond

StationeryJourney – Edgar Allan Poe