Organics Studio was started in 2012 with help from the Fountain Pen Network and Bertram’s Inkwell.  The founder of the operation, Tyler, was a sophomore at the University of Maryland studying biochemistry and organic chemistry.  His personal hobby soon merged with his interest in chemistry as he started a job at Bertram’s Inkwell in Rockville, MD.  After years of using fountain pens and experimenting with hundreds of inks, Tyler decided to try his hand at making inks.  His original recipes were loosely based on a vintage Carter ink recipe, with a modernized ingredient list.  Within a few months, he took his prototype inks to Bert for his feedback.  Bert gave his seal of approval, and soon the inks were on the shelves at the now deceased White Flint Mall.

Tyler took to the Fountain Pen Network to get further feedback on his new lineup of inks, where their popularity grew quite quickly.  By the end of 2012, the inks were widely available across the US.  Needless to say, this was an exciting period for Organics Studio, and the now Junior in college.  OS grew while Tyler attended the University of Maryland before ultimately going on a hiatus in 2014 while Tyler moved to New York City for graduate school.  After an intermittent period of activity, OS returned in 2016 with Tyler moving back home to Maryland, now completed school and ready to return to OS.

Tyler is excited to get back to meeting all of the amazing fans of the fountain pen world at the pen shows on the East Coast in 2017.  Try to make it to the Philadelphia Pen Show, the Baltimore Pen Show, the Miami Pen Show, and the DC Pen Show where you can come and chat about the world of fountain pens, inks, or other nerdy things you might enjoy!  We look forward to seeing you all again soon!