Party Like It’s 2012

Come one, come all - gather round, gather round!

Now that I’ve got your attention, I’ve got something exciting to share!  For those of you that knew us at our launch on Fountain Pen Network in 2012, you’ve known our inks since their inception and initial production with a kitchen stove and mason jars.  For those of you that heard of us in 2014 as we expanded our lineup to include over 20 colors, you may have been sad to hear about our shutdown for my attendance in Grad School.  And for those of you that found out about us after 2014, you probably couldn’t care less about Organics Studio since our inks couldn’t be found unless you were absolutely dedicated to finding them.  And for those of you that are joining on this hype train now – well you are quite lucky.  Let me explain.

As you may have read on our Facebook page, my (newly minted) wife and I just bought our very own home about a month ago, and it so happened to come with a quite large space for Organics Studio’s very own first home as well.  No longer will it be operated in my mom’s kitchen in between meals; no longer will it be housed in a box of the living room of my shared junior year apartment; no longer will it be housed under the stairs of my shared senior year rental home; no longer will be operated in my 298 square foot Manhattan apartment; no longer will it be shelved for a time when it can be revitalized.  That time is now.  Excited yet?  I hope so.

I’m very excited for OS and where it is now – it has a handful of very passionate fans that have followed us along every step of our rocky journey to today, and a short list of incredible friends that make our inks available to you.  We happen to cater to a field of hobbyists and artists alike that are some of the most unique, kind, and creative people and I am looking forward to walk among you all again.  I am most excited about what this new space allows OS to do – improve our manufacturing and quality systems; increase our warehoused supply for retailers; improved work space to allow for us to get back to the creative spirit that brought OS to fruition in the first place.

With that, I will round out this message to simply say thank you – thank you for your support over the years, and thank you for your patience with our growth and hiccups.  Thank you for contribution to our tightknit community of weirdos who like quality pens.  Thank you for being awesome – and thank you for visiting our site.  I hope to meet you guys soon at your local pen show 🙂

All the best –


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