Hello all!  It has been a quiet two years for Organics Studio, but rest assured we have stayed quite busy.  Tyler has completed his masters degree in pharmacology, and will be moving from NYC in the coming weeks.  His first priority upon his return to Maryland is to get back to making ink and building up a supply.  There are some initial logistics to deal with, but it will be in stores as soon as possible.  The best way to keep up with the news is on our Facebook, where we will keep you up to date every step of the way.

We plan to bring back a large portion of the line up, while revamping some other colors, and introducing some new ones where we see fit.  We are very excited to get back into the business, and hope to get back into the swing of going to the pen shows around the country to meet more the amazing community that gather around fountain pens.

That’s all for now – thanks for all that have hung around and used our ink in the downtime.  You guys rock!



Cheers to GouletPens for the awesome Lincoln drawing with our Copper Turquoise
Cheers to GouletPens for the awesome Lincoln drawing with our Copper Turquoise

7 thoughts on “RETURNING JUNE 2016

  1. This is the best news!!!
    Please start with Gregor Mendel, my all time favorite most amazing ink (I hope you are taking requests). Congratulations on the Master’s Degree, and best wishes for the future. I’m just tickled to hear you’ll be back in business!

  2. Your news is most excellent! I’ve been stockpiling Organics Studio inks thinking there would never be any more, and lamenting that I never got my hands on some of them. But back at it again! Fantastic! I look forward to completing my collection, and to any new inks you may develop. And I must concur with Bianca, Gregor Mendel was in a category of its own as far as inks go.

  3. So delighted to hear this!!
    Thanks for sending me a message to let me know you are getting set up and will be producing your handmade fountain pen ink soon!!

  4. This is amazing news. Truly. I was just looking through my ink journal last night and was lamenting the fact that I had not purchased a bottle of Uranium and Emily Dickinson when I had the chance.

    Looking forward to your success.

  5. Such amazing news! I just recently fell in love with OS inks and was so sad that OS was discontinued. Now I guess I can cheer up as I wait to try more inks from you! Yes!

  6. Oh man. I’m pretty excited. I loved your Masters of Writing line. Raven Red is one of my favorite inks.
    I hope to see you all back in full production again soon.

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